Due to a manufacturing issue, the dolls are temporarily not for sale.  I will post on Facebook when the dolls are back.  Clothing and accessories are still available.

Everyone deserves an extra special friend. Extra Special Dolls are designed for those special people in your life.

- All dolls are special, but these dolls have a little something Extra! -

Real Life Functionality


Details on the accessories and uses for Occupational and Play Therapy to come but here is a preview of what we have in production so far:

Our focus is on

* eye hand coordination
* fine motor skill development and refinement
* tactile input
* visual motor development
* bilateral coordination
* sensory integration
* positive reinforcement through play

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Our Mission

MissionPossibleEvery kid deserves a best friend. Every kid wants to fit in. Often children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities find themselves out of the social loop. Dolls, to any child, offer companionship. To a kid with Downs or another disability, a doll can offer so much more.

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