Everyone deserves an extra special friend. Extra Special Dolls are designed for those special people in your life.

- All dolls are special, but these dolls have a little something Extra! -

Real Life Functionality


Details on the accessories and uses for Occupational and Play Therapy to come but here is a preview of what we have in production so far:

Our focus is on

* eye hand coordination
* fine motor skill development and refinement
* tactile input
* visual motor development
* bilateral coordination
* sensory integration
* positive reinforcement through play

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Our Mission

MissionPossibleEvery kid deserves a best friend. Every kid wants to fit in. Often children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities find themselves out of the social loop. Dolls, to any child, offer companionship. To a kid with Downs or another disability, a doll can offer so much more.

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